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Platypus Controller

Platypus Controller

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The Platypus Controller measures ambient air temperature to automatically activate compatible equipment that supplies water to the sprinkler system. The temperature that activates the system is set by the user up to a maximum of 140°F.

When the ambient air temperature rises above the set point, the system becomes active. The system will run for an amount of time which is set by the user up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

After the run time has expired, the system pauses for an amount of time, also set by the user, up to a maximum of 60 minutes. The ambient air temperature is measured again, if it is still above the set point the controller will run the system again.

This cycle is repeated until the ambient air temperature falls 35°F to 40°F below the set point. During these cycles the controller will send SMS information* to the stored numbers advising the status of the system.

The EVAC Button feature allows the user to turn the system on to run for cycle times up to 60 minutes when leaving the property, after the set time has expired the controller will go back into Auto Mode.

Automate your wildfire protection system

Key Features:

  • LCD touch screen display
  • Back up power from engine battery
  • Run and pause cycles extend available water & fuel
  • Mobile phone connectivity*
  • Automatic control of diesel** and or electric pump
  • Step up of speed in compatible variable speed controllers
  • User adjustable trigger temp & run times
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • EVAC button
  • Maintains float charge in engine battery
  • Multi user
  • Password protected
  • Low fuel sensing (on compatible fuel tanks)
  • IP66 wall mount enclosure
  • RCM certification
  • 149°F Failsafe
  • Control of 12vdc solenoids with pulsed poil
  • No annual fees, choose your own network provider
  • 12 month limited warranty

Platypus Controller Spec Sheet PDF

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